Monday, March 22, 2010

Caught on Camera

Best Practices for the Installation of Closed-Circuit Television Recording Systems

The Forensic Audio, Video and Image Analysis Unit (FAVIAU) of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division, presents Best Practices for the Installation of CCTV Recording Systems.  The GRAND RELEASE of the DVD will take place at the ISC-West Conference March 24th and March 25th.  At the conference there will be three sessions available for attendees to view the video and have a question and answer session with two examiners from the FBI.

This is a must-see DVD for fans of the television series 24. FBI Special Agent Renee Walker narrates the 20-minute program, which is based on a realistic case scenario featuring the do’s and don’ts of CCTV setup. The DVD contains exciting footage that captivates the audience while providing guidance to install CCTV to obtain the best possible recorded footage. Topics include general setup, resolution, cameras and camera placement, best collection methods of the recorded footage for law enforcement, native/proprietary file format, retrieval methods, and much more.

The DVD is available free to international, federal, state, and local governments involved in law enforcement, security, and counterterrorism activities. The FBI also encourages law enforcement to provide the DVD to anyone who owns, operates, installs, or is responsible for the purchase of CCTV recording systems. Educators, contractors, vendors, suppliers, and other interested parties may also obtain the DVD free.

To request a copy of the DVD send an email to cctvdvd[at]leo[dot]gov.  Requests should include the requester’s name, position, agency name, street address (no post office boxes), and telephone number. Due to the volume of requests we expect, please allow extra time for delivery.

The video is available for viewing on


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