Friday, January 22, 2010

Cell Phone Camera Forensics

A fascinating paper came across my desk today ...

On the Reliability of Cell Phone Camera Fingerprint Recognition
Martin Steinebach, Mohamed El Ouariachi, Huajian Liu, and Stefan Katzenbeisser

"Abstract. Multiple multimedia forensic algorithms have been introduced allowing tracing back media copies back to its source by matching artifacts to fingerprint databases. While this offers new possibilities for investigating crimes, important questions arise: How reliable are these algorithms? Can a judge trust their results? How easy are they to manipulate? It has been shown that forensic fingerprints of digital cameras can be copied from one image to the next. Our aim is to develop new concepts for increasing the security of theses algorithms. In this work, we describe the state of our research work regarding attacks against forensics and provide an outlook on future approaches to in- crease their reliability."

"One research area deals with the origin of media data ..." "The other research area deals with identifying content manipulations within the media data." "In this work, we focus on the first area, aiming to identify digital cameras. Similar to the goal of matching bullets and guns, it is therefore also called camera ballistics."

To read more of this facinating paper, click here to order Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime: First International ICST Conference.


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