Friday, April 4, 2008

Great Photojournalism blog

What makes a photojournalist different from a photographer?

"Photographers take pictures of nouns (people, places and things). Photojournalists shoot action verbs ("kicks," "explodes," "cries," etc.). Photojournalists do shoot some nouns. These nouns can be standard photos of people (portraits), places (proposed zoning areas or construction sites) and things (name it). However, the nouns we seek still must tell a story."

"Like the police officer or firefighter, the photojournalist's concern is his community even if that means sacrificing comfort or life. Many photojournalists die every year in the process of collecting visual information, which lets the public know of atrocities, dangers and the mundane."

Check out the rest of this outstanding article at Mark M. Hancock's Photojournalism blog. Whist there, check out his "Quick tips to improve your photos."

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