Monday, September 24, 2007

LEVA Conference

I found out today that there are 15 people signed up for the LEVA Pre-Conference PHOTOSHOP: BASIC TO ADVANCED IMAGING TECHNIQUES class that I will be facilitating in Calgary, AB next month. This is great news. I am sure that we can find room for a few more folks.

I was talking with Chris Russ of Reindeer Graphics / Ocean Systems recently and e-mailing with George DeWolfe . With their advice in mind, I've reworked much of the lesson plans from my previous classes at NATIA and the Art Center College of Design into a streamlined workflow that I think will go smoother in the 16 hour setting at the LEVA conference.

In the next few posts, I want to get some of the material from the class posted so that the attendees can come prepared with a sense of what is going to be happening. We'll start with an outline and go from there. I'll also add the links to the downloads that will be needed; Photoshop mainly (for those who don't have CS3), and whatnot.

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