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Friday, July 2, 2010

Creating Contact Sheets in Bridge CS5

Folks have been asking about the new Bridge CS5 and how it will handle Contact Sheets. Here's a rundown on the feature.

The Contact Sheet feature is found in the Output Workspace.

In the Document portion of the panel, you can choose paper size, quality, and etc. You can also assign a password to the resulting file.

In the Layout section, you choose how the images will flow across your page. Auto-Spacing is usually a good option to check ... let Bridge do the layout work for you and speed things up. Remember, a 2 x 2 arrangement means 4 images on a page ... and so forth.

The Overlays section deals with if/how/where you want those helpful tags and page numbers arranged on your sheet. You can also choose font size/colour/alignment.

The custom Text input in the Header/Footer portion is worth its weight in gold.

When you're finished, you can choose to save the settings for next time and view the resulting file.

It's fast and easy. Bridge just keeps getting better.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this helpful info... I went to panic mode when I couldn't find contact sheet in Photoshop or Bridge! Works better than before!

Unknown said...

After months of trying to find a fix for the lack of contact sheets, you have just made my life so easy! Thanks for the info!