Monday, March 3, 2008

Items of note

Here's a nice article on creating 1:1 images in Photoshop from the Iowa IAI web site.

Government Video magazine has a great article from Grant Fredericks about a case involving a blurry license plate and the power of Ocean Systems' ClearID.

The Courtroom Guide for Non-Lawyers is a handy resource. “Legal photography is photography used as pictorial communication evidence in a court trial in order to convey the observations of a witness more fully, more effectively, and more accurately than the witness’ verbal testimony alone. Legal photography provides the court and the jury with a clearer comprehension of the physical facts that could be be obtained otherwise.” –Benjamin J. Cantor. Make sure to check out chapters 4 and 5; 4. Photographic Evidence vs. Oral Testimony. 5. Expert Witness.

And ... a rather nicely organised curriculum for photography training from Interpol.

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